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I've always been a Jeans 'n' Tee kinda gal but denim really is such a staple to have in your wardrobe, and I feel as strongly about this as much as Sarah Harris feels about her jeans. For a while people saw denim as just a pair of skinny jeans, but recently we've got hella more styles and colours to choose from. I religiously wore Topshop Jamie Jeans because the skinny was my staple, but now I'm obsessed with the straight fit... so much so I've got 5 pairs of Topshop Straight Jeans. In this post I round up 3 denim looks to take you slightly outside of your comfort zone...


Suns out, colours out! Never be afraid of colour. Denim is a great place to start even if it's a jacket or skirt. Make it the staple of your outfit by working whites & blacks around it. This way you won't look like Joseph & His Technicolour Dream Coat.

Jacket:  Topshop Reversible Bomber

Top: Missguided Roll Sleeve Crop

Jeans: Topshop MOTO Yellow Mom Jeans

Trainers: Topshop Ciara Chunky Trainer


Despite the fact I look severely pissed off about something, I do love Double Denim. My lil tip is to wear 2 pieces of the exact shade or two which are obviously different. No in-between.

Jacket: Topshop MOTO Oversized Denim Jacket

Bandana: Saint Laurent Square Bandana

Body: Missguided Cami Strap Bodysuit

Jeans: M.i.h Cult Jean

Shoes: Gucci Embroidered Sneaker


*Inserts the Roll Safe Bootcuts meme* This is a great updated 'Jeans n Tee' look and different to anything I've worn so far so had a yolo moment and loved it. I've got quite long legs, I'm about 5 ft 8, so it's a rare occasion whenever I find trousers that touch the floor let alone jeans! These are going to be super cute with a bandeau top in the summer.

Tee: Tea & Cake Angelic T-Shirt

Jeans: Topshop MOTO Belted Wide Leg  (I wear a W28L32)

Shoes: Topshop Ciara Chunky Trainer

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