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Sleep Easy(ier)

I’ve seen a lot of people mention their sleep is disrupted during this difficult and scary time. I mean, our schedules and routines have gone out of the window so we can expect our bodies to feel the same way. I wanted to pull together some of my tips, as I absolutely love to sleep, in hope that they can help anyone struggling. But just remember, don’t put pressure on yourself to get the perfect night sleep. Get through each night as you can, we’re all in this uncertainty together.

Wind Down

Previously I would listen to my Spotify playlists before going to sleep. But listening to rap music is usually what hypes me up for a night out, not for a good night’s sleep! I realised this is probably where I was going wrong. I can’t recommend this app enough; Headspace has really been a game changer for my sleep. I connect my Bluetooth speaker and play the ‘Sleep Music’ an hour before I want to get into bed. Then sometimes in bed I’ll listen to the ‘Sleepcasts’ and drift off that way. They help my mind switch off and are just so relaxing.

Create a nice environment to doze off in

Before bed I always tidy up my room and put everything back where it should be. I used to be a messy person but now I find that my mind is so much clearer if things are tidy. There is no other way to describe it but it does just clear my head. If I go to bed in a messy room I just feel like my head is clammy! This also acts as a great distraction keeping me off my phone before bed.

Give yourself some self-care lovin’

This may not be for everyone, but I love skincare and beauty products, so this is probably why this makes me feel good. But once my room is tidy, I feel so much better for spending 5-10 minutes applying skincare and looking after myself before heading into bed. I think it’s just nice to have some ‘me time’ before bed. I’m all about positive vibrations and I believe that doing something positive like this to yourself, will attract more positive things to you and increase your vibrations (read Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King before thinking I’m a lunatic).

Invest in sleep products

There are so many products out there now to help you sleep. This Works Lavender Pillow Spray has been one of my favourites for five years now! I don’t use it every night, but if I’m stressed or feeling a bit ‘off’, I’ll pop two sprays of this onto my pillow. Along with a Sleepcast on Headspace, I drift right off. I’ve used a lot of the This Works Lavender range and can really recommend it all! The bath salts after a stressful week are absolute bliss.

I’ve also started using an eye mask. I like waking up to natural light and despite having blackout blinds, I never use them! The eye mask just helps me not wake up at 5am when the sun starts to rise. But also, it’s really helped with my hay-fever eyes and stopped them getting so puffy.

I hope this helps you even a little bit! I’ve rounded up below some of my sleep product recommendations.

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