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Resources To Educate Yourself, As Recommended By The Black Community

I'm no expert in this, but I wanted to share with you a selection of resources which come from the black community. White people need to speak up and use their platforms to educate their friends, family and followers but I want to do that whilst giving black people their platform too.

To put my thoughts into context... take Stylist Magazine as an example. They outrightly said they will give black women a platform. But, take one visit their website and look at how many BLM articles are written by white women compared to black women. In fact, majority of articles in general. There are plenty of black female journalists who are able to write articles for them. I understand we want to help, and we must, but we must do so in a way where we don't take away someone else's platform. There is no shade in this, and I'm not saying to stop what we've been doing for the past week, I'm just asking us all to think about our privilege before doing so.

Before I start, here are some Mental Health and Wellbeing resources for black women. Please share this widely.


We all jumped to read Normal People during lockdown, so let's use that same energy now. Layla F Saad, author of Me and White Supremacy, has created her anti-racist reading list for The Guardian which you can read here.

American author, Ibram X. Kendi, has written one for the New York Times. Some of these focus more deeply on America, read the list here. You may have to make a New York Times account to read this one, if you have any issues accessing then let me know.

No reader is too young to start, Glamour have pulled a list of anti-racism children's books. Read the list here.


Glamour have pulled together a list of 19 (yes, there's plenty to choose from) TV shows and movies which you can stream. Now again, let's use that same energy we had to watch Tiger King or Don't F*ck With Cats and put it into this. This article includes trailers too, which I found helpful. View the list here.


Here are 10 anti-racist podcasts as recommended by racial and gender justice activist, Brea Baker. Next time you're out for a walk pop one of these on. Or switch your Spotify playlist for one of these instead.

Just to add, I found this article really helpful. It's a list of UK based Black Lives Matter charities to donate to. Charities have really useful forums and updates on how to support and find out more, as well as donating.

If you have any other resources you would like to share, then please do so in the comments below.

Bibi x

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