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My Current Skincare Routine

Following on from my acne post, I thought I'd give the full lowdown on what I'm currently using on my face.

Makeup Remover I am so so so against makeup wipes, they just drag the dirt and bacteria across your face and never really clean your skin. I used to love Liz Earle hot cloth and it is fab but Clinique Take The Day Off Balm is an absolute game changer! A coconut oil like texture which you apply it straight to your dry face, a splash of water later and the makeup just melts away. It's that simple.

Cleanser I use a Clinique Foaming Wash along with the Sonic Face Brush and I don't mean to alarm you but at the time of writing this post the brush is half price and I strongly suggest you take up that offer as I actually paid full price and would do it again because it's just that amazing. Treat yourself. Honestly, like Kardashian Bible, that face brush is the best thing I think I have ever bought. I can't go a night without it. It makes such a difference to your skin texture and really cleanses your face, like gets right down into the skin. Along with the pill, I also think this has been why my skin has cleared up so well.In the morning I use the Tarte Deep Dive face wash. I bought this when I was in America, obvs cause Tarte is everywhere there, and I wish I bought like 5 cause it's amazing for dry skin. It's an oil texture so cleanses the skin but doesn't dry it out at the same time.

Toner At night I use a Clinique toner which ngl does feel quite harsh on the skin so maybe find an alternative if you have sensitive skin. But, it does really get rid of all that excess dirt you thought you got rid of when you washed your face.In the morning I use Liz Earle as it's so gentle on the skin and just radiantly preps my skin pre moisturiser and make up. I don't have a particular reason as to why I use this, it doesn't do anything major I just haven't had any issues with it and it seems to be lasting ages!

Moisturiser Okay so, my moisturiser collection is rather large but I like to switch it up just because sometimes your skin has different needs! I'd like to say I give every other part of my body this much attention. At night I usually use the Clinique Smart Night Cream, which is pricey but fantastic, I actually feel like it does the whole smooth, lift, nourish malarky. Which to be honest, for £50 it probably should.For daytime, aka under makeup, I use either Clinique Moisture Surge, Clinique Dramatically Different or Clinique Smart Day. Moisture Surge is amazing in the summer because it's so incredibly moisturising but the gel like texture makes it so light weight on the skin. Perfect. Dramatically different is perfect because it leaves a tacky texture which I quite like, esp when I'm wearing makeup because it kinda feels like a primer. Smart day has SP5 in it so I'm kinda saving it for Spring/Summer so I can offer my skin some protection against the sun, which is obviously very important.

Additional Extras I always give my skin some extra TLC at least once a week, such as exfoliating or a face mask. It 100% makes the difference and also it's so good to have some me time too!Masks: Every week religiously I use the Dr Jart+ clay foaming mask. It's super quick and easy to do, just leave it on for 3 mins and then wash off! It's just great at detoxifying my face and giving it a good extra cleanse. I always follow with a sheet mask, the Dr Jart+ ones are also really good. I used the Bubbling charcoal one the other day and thought all that stuff was a bit of a gimmick but it actually worked wonders for my pores, I was so glowy afterwards. Sephora sheet masks are always amazing, the pomegranate one is my fave. Tony Moly Korean ones are fab too, I'm obsessed with this brand called MaskerAide from Selfridges, Garnier Moisture Bomb is also a strong contender! The majority of sheet masks are fab but they're a few of my faves, I have an ongoing collection.Mini Facial: I'm calling this my mini facial ATM because it has the results of one. I am obsessed with The Body Shop Vitamin C liquid peel, oh my god it's gross but so satisfying. Essentially it's a liquid which you blend into your face and your dead skin comms off, as in like actually balls up on your face whilst your rubbing this liquid in. Gross right? But do that for like 1 minute and wash off with water and you are left with the best glow ever! Not to mention makeup then goes on like an absolute dream because your base is so smooth.Extra Hydration: Whenever my skin needs some extra hydration I use Boots Botanics Facial Oil. I've used this stuff for years and it's always on offer for a £5 so you can't go wrong either. I like to pat this into my skin and let it absorb for 20-ish mins before locking all of that goodness in with a night cream on top.

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