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My Acne Journey

I've been no stranger on my blog to openly talk about my skin struggles. I'd been wanting to do this post for a while but I've annoyingly let my blog go AWOL whilst I finished uni & kinda just like... grew up. I can see from stats that plenty lovely people still read my blog (thank you, love you!!) but I was just worried that nobody would read this post. Anyway, I did a poll on my Insta story and SO many people voted yes to an acne update post. So thanks gals (and guys), this ones for you x

Before I start this I just want to say, EVERYONE'S skin is different. There's so much stuff out there which worked for tones of others but it didn't work for me. I have honestly tried so many things and it's taken about 2 years for my skin to go blemish free, overnight success doesn't exist with acne, you must be patient. Another thing I learnt was that skincare is effort. Like just never neglect your routine, apart from those 3am nights where your too smashed to navigate a wipe across your face, those we can allow. But if you continually follow a cleanse, tone & moisturise routine, then the results will show.

So this is my skin sometime in 2016, I had just started using La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 Step System on my skin. My skincare routine was something along the lines of Soap & Glory Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser/Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. La Roche face wash, La Roche toner and La Roche moisturiser. If you have minor breakouts I really would recommend the La Roche set, especially the moisturiser if you have oily skin. I loved it but my skin is more on the dry side so in the winter months I needed something way more hydrating. It's a great affordable starter set for those wanting to get into a skincare routine. You can see that my acne is just all over my cheeks and mostly made up of little clusters of spots and some larger ones in the middle of my cheeks, soz for gracing you with this rank photo.

I remember a brand reposted my photo on Instagram but FaceTuned my face and I was so upset. Not because they'd got rid of my spots! But because they saw it as something gross that they needed to get rid of.

Next up is my skin probably 9-12 months of using the La Roche set. It;s obvious it helped clear up all my smaller spots but I was left with these really big painful spots on my cheeks. These big spots were the worst because not only did they hurt but you couldn't cover them with makeup because they were so textured. I remember a brand (not gonna name n shame) reposted my photo on Instagram but FaceTuned my face and I was so upset. Not because they'd got rid of my spots! But because they saw it as something gross that they needed to get rid of, my bad skin which I was struggling to control wasn't allowed for their Instagram aesthetic. #Rude.

So my issue was, I had okay skin everywhere on my face but my cheeks were made up of these big painful spots that wouldn't budge. I'd started to research into skin mapping and apparently acne on your cheeks is down to hormones, fab, but it probably explained why no product organic or chemical would get rid. I knew that maybe I should try something medical but I really, really wasn't wanting to use Roaccutane, to me my skin was bad, but I knew it wasn't bad enough to go onto medication that strong. I thought if I'm getting such bad spots due to hormones why don't I try the (contraceptive) pill? If my spots are due to hormones then why not treat it with hormones? I knew that there was a certain type of pill which apparently helps with acne but going to the doctors to ask for help about my skin really was last on my list. I have a mini phobia of doctors anyway but after a few weeks of motivating myself I made the appointment, eeeek.

Now is when I feel like it's best to say that I'm not at all suggesting you go on the pill for acne treatment. There's a lot of side effects that come with the pill and it's not for everyone. Please do your research before making any medical decisions and I can't emphasise enough that I had tried everything and this was my last resort.

I asked my Nurse if I could go on Dianette and she was like no hun. She told me straight up that it would be too strong for my skin. Instead, she suggested I tried Gedarel for 3 months and see how I got on with it. If  it didn't do much then she would prescribe me Dianette. I think I've been on Gedarel for a year now, and it took about 3-6 months to reduce my spots but approx 9-12 months in my spots have completely gone. I get the odd one now and then but it's an absolute dream.

I've helped maintain my clear skin by sticking to a very strict skincare routine, majority Clinque based, but you can give it a read here if you fancy it cause it would make this post longer than my dissertation.

I hope this post has somewhat helped those struggling with blemishes and acne. It's such a long process but one day they will go! x

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