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How To Have an Instagram Photoshoot At Home

I've been absolutely hammering the self-timer content on Instagram since isolation kicked in. So here's my top tips for getting the perfect shot.

Set up a space

Not all of us have insta-perfect houses, and I'm pretty sure my bedroom has looked the same since I was 18. It's all about finding a little corner of your house/room which you can transform. I move my big mirror out of the way in my room so I can use the plain white wall as a background. I also took over my dads music studio and hung up a flat white bedsheet - I prefer this as it adds texture to photos. I also added one on the floor so I could get the perfect white background in my photos as I'm fussy like that. I've seen people do the bedsheet thing in their garden which looks gorgeous in the natural light.


...Which brings us on to lighting. Lighting is so key for a good photo so I do recommend your space is infront of a window to capture that natural daylight. Your lighting should always face you directly, if it comes from above (ceiling lights) it will highlight the shadows on your face. I haven't been using a ring light in my photos but I have one in delivery on the way. I got this one from eBay which is the same as the one I have in London, it has three light settings and comes on a tripod which is ideal. I wouldn't say you need a ring light if you're doing outfit pics, I bought mine because it's so useful for makeup TikToks.

Self timer

The thought of posing on my own cringes me out but it's just got to be done. I don't even have a tripod at the moment, I've made a makeshift one out of my dads microphone stand. For some photos I'll rest my phone against some books - whatever gives me the angle I need! So once I've set my phone up I'll pop it on the three second self-timer setting, turn live photos off, and use the volume button on the side to start the timer. Make sure you phone is on loud so you can hear the shutter! It's becoming a bit of a workout going back and forth to the phone for each photo so I've ordered a Bluetooth clicker to save me the manual labour.

My tips for getting a good shot

I feel like the camera only captures 50% of your personality so if you're wanting a cutsie or sexy shot - you've got to pose 110% more than you would. This does feel weird not gonna lie, so I put on my bad bish playlist and just fully go for it.

I'm unsure if everyones iPhone does this but when you take a self-timer photo it captures it in a burst of 10 shots. So when you hear the sound effect of the shot being taken, do some movement whether it's a hair flick, eye roll or whatever. It was super helpful when I did my 'unbothered' photo below.

Take a test shot and review your photos every 10-20 shots just to check the angle and lighting are okay. I always look through and favourite which poses I like and what I should do more of, and less of. I usually take about 200 photos per 2-3 photos that make it onto Instagram because I'm so fussy, so be patient with yourself.

So that's my round up, I hope it helps!

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