• Bibi Bagnall

How I Taught Myself How To Run

I wanted to write this post to support anyone struggling through this strange period where exercise has graced our Social Media feeds more than before. Sometimes it can leave us feeling guilty or deflated for staying inside all day or not starting the day with a workout. So, I wanted to write a post coming from myself who is not a fitness lover, natural at it or particularly great at it either, on how you can take baby steps to teach yourself how to run.

I started doing this around a year ago, stuck at it for about 1-2 months, then touched on it in September and fully got back into a routine last month. So don’t be harsh on yourself and expect instant results. You’re teaching your body a new skill, which takes time! If you are someone like this, just think – you wouldn’t learn a new language in a week so don’t expect to learn how to run 5k in a week.

But around this time last year I wanted to start running to get my fitness levels up. When I say I couldn’t run, I could run for about 10-15 seconds and then I’d need to stop. The thought of running for more than five minutes felt impossible to me. I had absolutely no clue where to start so I downloaded Couch to 5K after reading the reviews. And here we are, I can’t recommend it enough! You can see in the photo above that I really did struggle, and this run was only in September.

With Couch to 5K you start off by running in very small chunks followed by a walk, and then run again etc. My first ever run was a 30 second run followed by a 60 second walk, repeat five times. Which now sounds like absolutely nothing but at the time it was so hard! Each run you do will gradually get longer and the walking periods will get smaller. Then before you know it, you’re running for five minutes straight! You can now see above how far I’ve come since September.

All you need is your phone, headphones, some workout gear and trainers. It’s worth shopping around, I saved £100 by buying my running shoes from the Nike Outlet at Kings Cross! I was trying to be Kim Kardashian and run in my Yeezys but they have 0 arch support and I injured my knee. Be sensible kids.

But I hope this helps, if you are someone who says they can’t run then I really recommend giving Couch to 5k a go. I’m now using the Nike Running Club app to track my runs as it’s so easy to use. You can set targets in distance and time, plus it gives you cute little reward badges when you hit a new milestone or personal best! So one to get involved with once you complete Couch to 5K.

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