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Hi, I'm back!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Back in the North and back on the Blog.

I abandoned my blog last year, which was ironic given I worked part time so I could focus on my blog. But then I put that time into Instagram instead, which did make sense because more Instagram opportunities were coming my way.

Mentally, I was in a bit of a rut. I tried to rebrand my blog but the theme just wasn't very me. I hated it and it took ages to do so I couldn't be bothered to change it back to something else. It was almost like I knew at the time I wasn't even 'very me' and I really just wasn't feeling myself at all. I was unhappy with life, myself and I just didn't have the passion for it like I previously did. I needed to break up with it. Like I did with other things in my life, lol.

I've always kept thinking about it, there's definitely moments at least once a week where I'm like 'oooh that would be a great blog post', so it still remains on my mind. There's also such a debate around whether people still read blogs, and like... I do, so surely others do?!

But two weeks ago I moved back to Newcastle to be with my family until this Corona situ is over. And I don't know what happened, but I just felt inspired to write again?! I took down the old site and rebuilt a new one, spent time planning a strategy for both this and Instagram and I just fell back in love with it all again.

I've spent the last 8-10 months doing me and only me, and getting back to the old me. Lot's of me's and me time. Whether it be my weight, appearance, personality, finances, diet, confidence... they all took time to rebuild and so did this. So cheers to a new chapter during this strange time, it's nice to be back x

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