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Festive Gift Guide

Here is a round up of gifts which are 100% Bibi Bagnall approved and recommended. These are things I have in my life already, or things on my festive wish list this year. Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone on here. Simply click the images to shop.

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The Electricals Edit

1. I couldn't not put the Dyson Air Wrap on here. I went a bit rogue and bought it for myself last year when I'd just found out I was getting made redundant from my job - eeek yes really. Yes it is expensive, butttt I bought the slightly cheaper option with less attachments because I don't personally think you need all the ones in the big version comes with. You can buy them separately if you feel you are really missing one. I go from wet hair to a salon blow dry in less than 20 minutes, it's way more user friendly than it looks and is much better for the condition of your hair.

2. The Foreo, wow, I got this for my birthday this year and WOW it dramatically improved my skin. Within a week my skin was brighter, smoother and more glowy. I didn't go for the latest version, I bought the Luna Mini 2 and it does the job perfectly.

3. Finally, a boring but very practical purchase, a hand steamer. I got this for Christmas two years ago and I thank myself for being boring every single day. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I ironed something, this is a game changer.

The Charlotte Tilbury Edit

It's no secret how much I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup, and I feel like this post would be an essay long if I talked about why I love each product so have an exec summary instead: The flawless products really do make your skin look flawless. The lipsticks are so luxurious and like no other. The contour wand is so user friendly - a little goes a long way! And I love the tones and shades of everything... I hope that helps?

The Skincare, Bath and Body Edit

Here are some of my must haves, most of which I fell in love with this year. Let's so an ever so slightly more in-depth exec summary below:

1. I started working with Malin & Goetz thing year, the serum has absolutely transformed my skin surface making my face more vibrant, less dull, smoother and more glowy. I use a teeny bit in the morning under moisturiser and it works lovely with other serums too. The candles they sell are dreamy and so fragranced. If you like something a little less mainstream then I highly recommend these.

2. I got the Pixie Eye Patches for my birthday this year and they are miracle workers for tired, dull and puffy eyes. Especially hungover eyes! They just soothe and awaken the eye area, I have also linked the face mask version too which does the same job just all over the face.

3. Another face mask fave is The Body Shop Charcoal Glow Mask. Its the perfect combination of deep cleansing your pores etc but leaving a nice little glow behind. It doesn't completely strip out your skin leaving you with a very matte face. I use this once every 1-2 weeks.

4. Olaplex... well I feel like every blogger has talked about Olaplex but it really is that good. I've used it since 2018 when I started dying my hair blonde and it's a savior for keeping you hair tip top. Good to note that it's a bond repair treatment so you won't get the silky soft feeling you do with a hair mask.

5. But if you do want a hair mask that makes your hair silky smooth then I highly recommend the Bleach London one! In fact, this mixed with a bit of Olaplex is a dreamy combination.

6. Speaking of silky smooth, this brings me nicely onto the Glossier Body Hero set. The shower oil is great for shaving legs (I feel like I really am giving away my secrets here) and smells so amazing. However, the Body Hero moisturiser is like facetune in a bottle for legs. When I used to go out every weekend I would always use this, and woweee it makes them SO soft and smooth.

The Fashion & Accessories Edit

This year I've tried to be mindful about the environment and the impact my shopping habits has on it. So within that I feel like my wardrobe has gone less trend lead and more timeless, but also cause lockdown it's full of basic leggings and sweatshirts. Below are some little nice things and more spenny things I've enjoyed this year which won't ever go out of style.

1. I've added a hoodie, jeans and jumper from Weekday as this year I discovered how nice Weekday denim is! The majority of their items are organic cotton too and the quality is very impressive so I'm confident my items will last for years. I bought the jumper earlier this year and I've hardly taken it off since! Just to flag, it's not as oversized in person so size up!

2. The APC half moon bag was on my wish list for years before I bought a teal blue one in the Coggles sale this year. It's a classic crossbody which will never go out of style, and you can get up to 40% off Coggles at the moment so if it's in your mind.. invest now whilst it's discounted!

3. Another gorgeous investment is the & Other Stories Wool Blazer which I actually don't own but I've been hyping myself up to buy. Just think with a white tee, crossbody bag, black skinny jeans and a nice ankle boot? Ugh vibes! I know this will last forever too. If you can afford it then please get involved so I can live it through you.

4. This year was the year I discovered Astrid & Miyu and fell in love with their jewelry. There are so many styles I could link but I thought I would share my absolute faves which I actually do wear every single day. Just the perfect amount of subtle bling to dress up your face for the day.

5. Another 2020 discovery was Veja, the ultimate sustainable classic white trainer! Well, it's not really sustainable it's just a better choice because it's made from recycled product. I did receive a nasty blister from mine but that hasn't stopped me buying another pair for myself this Christmas, eeek.

6. Something else on my Christmas list this year is the Ganni beanie hat, although I do have a feeling it's going to be everywhere next year! But it's made from recycled wool which again, is a better choice for our planet.

7. Finally... Christmas pjs and how could I not feature mine from this year, an M&S classic!

The Bits 'n' Bobs Edit

1. I have to recommend Good Vibes Good Life, I bought this last year as a present for someone who was struggling mentally and I ended up buying a copy for myself too. It really changed my outlook of situations happening in life. I feel like this year everyone needs a copy of this book.

2. Everyone also needs a copy of Me and White Supremacy, after everything that's been brought to our attention this year it's vital we continue to learn in 2021. This is a toolkit, it will make you feel uncomfortable but you will learn so much from it.

3. I've added my ring light here as it's so good for Instagram bits! It comes with a tripod too so really good if you're wanting to start out on the gram.

4. Obviously my John Lewis silk pillowcase had to make an appearance here! It's fab for hair and skin, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. It will change your life.

6. The Frank Green coffee cup has accompanied me on many morning walks so I save money on spenny coffees in London. It's thermal (I think that's right?) so the coffee stays warm for ages, but my fave feature is the button style lid so it doesn't leak. Also it looks really chic.

7. If you want some lol's then give What Do You Mean is for you. It's very PG however it does contain a non PG segment - don't play this with parents.

8. Finally, a little sweet treat of some Tony's Chocoloney. When I worked at John Lewis we were all obsessed with this in the office and would demolish a bar within minutes. Perfect stocking filler.

The Edit For Him

Here's some gift inspiration for our other halves, however this may backfire and totally scream why I've been single for so long.

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