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Everyday Glam

FOUNDATION - L'OREAL PRO GLOW I've used this and no other foundation on my face for a year and a half now. I am obsessed! When I first found this foundation I was in America and you could only buy it over there but now you can get it in the UK on Amazon here. It's a buildable medium - full coverage with a dewy finish and a lightweight texture so it doesn't feel cakey. I wear shade 205 which works for when I do and don't have fake tan on.

CONCEALER - TOPSHOP BEAUTY This little gem I stumbled on in November and was sold straight away. This is the only concealer I've ever used which doesn't crease under my eyes! If you like Nars Creamy Concealer/Maybelline Fit Me/Urban Decay Naked then you'll love this. It even has a similar want to the Urban Decay Naked concealer which I love. I wear shade Buttermilk which is a shade lighter than my foundation as I like a brighter under eye. You can purchase here, and there's currently 25% off Topshop Beauty at the moment so for £9? What a barg.

POWDER - MAC MAC Mineralize Skin Finish has been in my makeup since I was 16. It's the perfect all over face powder for me as it doesn't completely mattify my face. Does anyone else think that matte powder can just make your face look flat? If that makes sense. Throughout the day when I get slightly oily it makes my face look dewy not shiny, it's quite hard to explain but it just controls the oils nicely and adds that extra coverage to my face! I've never found another powder which does the same job. I wear shade Medium for normal skin and Medium Plus when I'm tanned.

CONTOUR - NYX Now, this NYX Palette is so fab and honestly, I do prefer it to the ABH one! I don't full on contour day to day. I just like to use the darker shades to add a little depth to my cheekbones before I apply bronzer. The highlight shades I don't use much of but the contour ones are the perfect mix of ashy, neutral and golden. You only need a little and the buildable formulas just blend like a dream! It's part of their Pro section and you can purchase here.

BLUSH - BOBBI BROWN I've added this in my every day, but I actually barely ever wear blush! I have so many but I just forget to put it on! But then when I do, I'm like - how come I never wear this? This Bobbi Brown blush in Coral Sugar is the first blush I ever bought and it's perfect for my skin tone whether I'm tanned or not. Plus it's not one of those over pigmented blushes where you add a tiny bit and suddenly you look like you've ran a marathon! This is a great staple.

EYEBROWS - MAYBELLINE BROW DRAMA I've got naturally thick bushy brows so I don't use any pencils/pomades etc, I just use a bit of tinted brow gel to shape them for the day! I've used Brow Drama for years, I'm sure it's featured in many posts on this blog but it's so good! It's cheap and does what it needs to do! Next time you're in Boots/Superdrug and need something to make your 3 for 2 offer, pick this up! I wear shade Dark Brown.

MASCARA - TOPSHOP BEAUTY Honestly, to me Mascara is just Mascara and I like to just use drugstore ones. At the moment I'm using this Topshop Beauty one and it's lovely but quite dry. I like how it looks on my lashes but when I've had it on for a white it starts to crumble? I think I just prefer more wet Mascaras!

EYES - TARTE IN BLOOM You can see this palette is well loved! I alternate between putting bronzer in my crease or using a few shades in this palette to add some depth to my eyes. These shades are so wearable whether it be day time glam or night time glam, and the palette actually smells of chocolate! SO GOOD! Plus the whole back of the cover is a mirror so it's great for travelling with. The cheapest place I've managed to find this in the UK is Amazon here.

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