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Creamy Vegan Garlic and Mushroom Pasta with Spinach

Okay, this may be the worst recipe instructions you’ve ever read so apologies in advance. But when I’m cooking, I don’t really use measurements I kind of just chuck in what looks about right? So, here’s the structure of the creamy garlic and mushroom pasta I made for lunch today with vegan cream. I guess just use what you think seems right for you and hope for the best? For reference, this today made four portions.

You will need:

Sliced Mushrooms: I used Portabello but any will do

Washed Spinach: approx. 150 - 200grams I would say?

Crushed Garlic: I go extra on garlic so I used four gloves

Vegan Cream: I used Flora professional plant and I think about 200ml

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil


Green Pesto: 2 teaspoons

Pasta: Use your judgement as I never make the correct amount

Non-Vegan extras:

Ricotta: 125g

Grated cheese: A handful or two?

(This is giving me flashbacks to writing instructions on how to make a cup of tea in year three so bare with)

  1. Start cooking your Pasta (hoping I don’t have to write instructions for that but if needs be click here).

  2. Put a non stick frying pan on low – medium heat and add a drizzle of Olive Oil and two wedges of Butter.

  3. Once the Butter and Oil have melted, add the crushed Garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes until fragrant. You don’t want it to go brown.

  4. Then add in the Mushrooms into the buttery Garlic mix. Add more Butter/Garlic if they need it. Cook these until soft.

  5. Add in the Spinach. You may need to turn up the heat to get it to wilter down but that’s fine, just make sure nothing is burning.

  6. (Non-Vegan option) Whilst the spinach is shrinking into nothing, get a separate bowl and mix your Ricotta and Cream together with a pinch of Salt, generous amount of Pepper and the Pesto. Mix until smooth.

  7. Once the Spinach has finally shrunk into nothing. Sir in your Ricotta and Cream mix in with the Mushrooms and Spinach. For Vegans, just add your Vegan Cream with Salt, Pepper, Pesto (not sure if Pesto is Vegan?). Mix it all together until everything is evenly covered.

  8. (Non-Vegan option) add in those handfuls of Grated Cheese and mix until melted.

  9. Then, your Pasta should be ready by now so drain it and mix it in with the sauce and taadaaa!

I hope that was easy-ish to translate into action x

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