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Bondi Sands Tan Eraser

When I saw this on Twitter I thought it was fake, by far too good to be true! But then that Ibiza PR trip full of top influencers flooded my Insta feed and I realised it was true.

So the product is £14.99 and available NOW in Boots and Superdrug. When I went to Superdrug it was nowhere to be seen, however in Boots all the graphics were there but nothing on the shelves, I made the poor Sales Assistant search high and low to find me a bottle. 15 minutes later he appeared from the stockroom with one... #legend big up Boots Westfield Stratford.

So how does it actually work!? You start with applying it onto dry skin, so pump a generous amount of the foam into your hands then rub into your body. You do need a fair bit for your whole body so I don't actually know how long the bottle will last me. You have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes, I think I did mine 5-6 I wasn't really counting I got quite bored stood in my bathroom cold and naked smothered in this foam. I played music to try and time it to a song. After a while you can smell the tan coming off like you get an old tan smell, you'll see what I mean if you use it.

The bottle says to shower off and rub off with a warm face towel, you may need an exfoliating mit for tougher areas. One of the key things that stood out to me was that it said to use on 3 day old tan. Now, not gonna lie, my tan was like a good week old 🙈. You can see on the photos that it looks like tiger bread, so I didn't think this would work on my gross tan. I should also note that I was wearing Loving Tan and not Bondi! So you can actually use it with other brands. Because I knew my tan was stale, if that's what we want to call it, I used an exfoliating mit not a face towel and it literally just glided off my skin! On my ankles I had to scrub a little harder but compared to my normal routine it's such a game changer. This would usually leave me painfully scrubbing in the shower for 20-30 minutes! I am honestly baffled it is amazing! I'll let the before and after photo speak for itself.

I did the process twice because the tan wasn't fully off my skin on tough patches like ankles and knees, ughhhh. The before and after photo is after one use! The second time everything came off, kinda weird because I haven't seen my actual skin tone in a while! I think if I used it on 3 day old tan it would come off in one go. I think it just melts away your tan making it easy for you to take off your skin.

So verdict on this? INCREDIBLE. I honestly wish this was available when I was like 14, because it would of totally had my back. Not 100% about the price though, £14.99 I feel is a bit steep but it falls within the same price range as their products so makes sense and you know this shit is always on offer! The whole Bondi range is 3 for 2 in Boots at the minute also, go cray. If you're a constant tan wearer... you NEED this in your routine TRUUUUST.

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