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AD - My Accessorize Top Picks

This year I was lucky enough to be picked to work with Accessorize and become one of their #Accessorizer's, which is amazing. I remember saving up and shopping in there every September for my school or college back for the new term. Which would probably be similar to the tote bag below. This month I popped into my local Accessorize store and picked out some of my favourite pieces and here they are...

*All images are by @Sarahellen_Photography

The Tote

I gravitated towards this for one reason and I know exactly what that was. Black Croc. I am obsessed with anything black croc and I don't know why! My YSL card holder is, my Azurina passport cover is, my Azurina bag is... honestly the list just goes on. However, this is a great little purchase because you get a bag inside a bag as it comes with a little matching pouch for all your important bits. My important bits consist of Cherry Carmex and my Oyster card.

Hair Accessories

Honestly I wish I could capture all my faves in one picture. Whether it be hair bands, pearl slides, diamonte slides, ribbons... I can't get enough of a hair accessory recently! You can just really add to an outfit so simply by accessorising your hair.

The Cross Body

This type of bag is a MUST, a wardrobe staple to speak! I love them, my Celine to my Gucci to my Accessorize, they're all fabulous. The best thing about them is using them for a night out so you have both hands free. The days of dedicating a hand purely for a clutch bag seem so long ago now. I love the strap detail on this one as it just adds a slight edge to an outfit, plus it gives me Marc Jacobs vibes.

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