• Bibi Bagnall

A Beginners Guide To Fake Tan

So you've got a wedding coming up or just want to have a glow as the suns finally decided to make an appearance, but you're understandably scared of a fake tan fail. No worries, as a weekly fake tanner let me guide you through how to achieve your goal.

My 5 golden rules

Shave your legs the day before tanning, not moments before. Otherwise the tan will sink into where your hairs are and give you little dark dots

Exfoliate before hand, get rid of all that dead skin for flawless application

Moisturise 10 minutes before (this is actually Kim Kardashians tip) with a light weight moisturiser, I recommend these Bondi Sands or Nivea ones

Get yourself a good mit, I like the double sides velvet style ones (Primark do a great one)

Tan at least an hour before bed. This just gives the product time to fully develop. I don't recommend fake tanning, getting changed then going about your day as you'll get a patchy and streaky tan

Shower in the morning and don't be alarmed if it all rinses off, it'll keep developing throughout the day

I'm after a bronzed glow (a long weekend in Cannes)

My number 1 product I recommend for this is the St Tropez In Shower Tan. It's a strange concept but works, and is the best for not leaving any streaks. Shower as normal and do your thing, then turn the shower off and apply this all over your body like a shower cream, it has the same texture. Then stand and wait 3 minutes - which goes by quicker than you think! It's really the length of a song when you think about it. Once you've done the 3 minutes turn the shower back on and wash the tan off. That's it!

You won't have a golden tan straight away, it's very gradual. I recommend using it everyday for a week before your event (if you have one). If you do want something very slighter deeper, use the medium version.

I'm after a deep tan (a week in Dubai)

You need Bondi Sands Ultra Dark mousse! A mousse is the best formula to apply as it's easy to blend, I don't think I could ever use a lotion! You only need 1 layer of this for a gorgeous deep tan, and it smells of pina colada's, so amazing. However, this weirdly turns you bed sheets pink, so make sure you don't use your finest bed sheets with this.

I kinda want something in-between

Not too light but not too dark, I you need Cocoa Brown tan in your life. This has been one of my faves since I was 17 and such an underrated tanner! This mousse is advertised as a '1 hour tan' but honestly I'd just keep it on overnight still as it doesn't develop that much within the hour.

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