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You pronounce my name like BB, and yes it's my real name! I'm a twenty something northerner living in London and working 9-6 in communications for a popular Swedish retail brand. From 6pm onwards I'm a Nano Influencer, Podcast Co-host, TikToker and occasional Blogger.


I started this blog in 2016 when I kept blagging my friends heads with my fave makeup products and skincare tips whilst posting too many #OOTD's on Instagram. They were sick of my nattering and Topshop outfits so I decided to blog away my interests online. It's something I try hard to keep up outside of work, so I hope you enjoy it.

This blog means a lot to me because it's how I learnt how to write and cope with my dyslexia. I always believed I couldn't write but then when creating content here I discovered ways to combat my struggles. So, apologies in advance for the occasional jumbled sentence or spelling mistake!

I collaborate with beauty, fashion and the occasional lifestyle brands on a paid and gifting basis. I've included some examples and insights below. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, please fill in the form below. 

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June 2020

Lelo are one of the world leaders when it comes to sex-tech. The brief was to create 1x grid post promoting a Lelo device to help you out during lockdown.

Likes: 402

Comments: 60

Shares: 37

Saves: 27

Reach: 3,159

Impressions: 3,920


Alpha-H Skincare

July 2020

Australian brand Alpha-H are pioneers of the use of Glycolic Acid and other Accelerating Acids. They have a 3-step approach to skincare and believe in clean formulas. The brief was to create 1x grid post and a series of stories to promote the launch of their new clear skin collection.

This collaboration started a great continuous relationship with myself and the Alpha-H team.

Insights unavailable. 


Endless Wardrobe

December 2020

Endless Wardrobe are a clothing rental service. This is something I'm enthusiastic about so we can reduce our fashion footprint and stop clothing going to landfill. The brief was to create content promoting the rental service for the festive period.

Likes: 397

Comments: 64

Saves: 11

Reach: 2,993

Impressions: 3,456



January 2021​

Highstreet brand Warehouse have recently had a brand refresh. They kicked off the new year with their pre-spring collection. The brief was to create content, however with the new lockdown restrictions this content had to reflect staying at home.

Likes: 318

Comments: 55

Saves: 5

Reach: 2,085

Impressions: 2,306